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Lying is good, and at you can
rewarded for it!

BigFib #345:

"One time my best friend got so drunk he didn't know who he was. I told him he was an agent from the CIA and he was supposed to protect me from the mafia. He thought i was telling the truth so he took a super soaker(i guess he thought that was real too) ran out into th front yard and started shooting all the lawn decorations. One particular garden gnome wouldn't fall over so he took to "grenading" it with pine cones. He also thought the porch light was a search light from an enemy helicopter. The whole time he was screaming "I'm an American! I will kill on sight!" and humming the tune to Mission Impossible. I did this all just for the heck of it and realized I forgot to grab the camcorder. What made this even more deliciously hilarious was that he did this at 3 o'clock in the morning."

  By: Steven Haus on May 21, 2007 - Views: 5774 - Rating:

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