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Lying is good, and at you can
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"I managed a motel and so did the person I lied to. We were at a convention and a bit too much drink one thing led to another outside our hotel where later we remembered security cameras. I called him up 2 days later and said our boss just called me and she had a video tape she wanted me to review with her. I told him that it was from the hotel we had stayed in and she sounded really mad. I told him I was sure I was going to get fired then said oh she is here I have to go. He sat in his office for hours wondering if I had been fired and if she was on her way to his motel. He was afraid to call in case my boss answered. My boss had never called because the cameras were not working and I knew it prior to the nights events."
TJ Smiles - 2007-01-11
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