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Lying is good, and at you can
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"Of course he's your son! i mean look at the similarities - see his hair is curly, just like yours. Well....okay, it's straight, but just look at that pretty blonde hair! Oh, that's right, you're a brunette. Well.....okay, look at his big, round, gorgeous, blue eyes! Okay, okay, you're asian and you're eyes are brown, but.... I guess he just got them from my side. Oh. Yeah. I guess my eyes are brown too, huh? Alright, well he definitely has your pretty skin ....... when he tans! Well, I don't know what to tell you. Oh, oh, oh!!!! He has your "plumbing"! See? Told ya. How else could he have.... uh.... been born a boy!?! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!"
Jenni Otto - 2008-01-31
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